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Why a Kit Home might not be your best log home choice

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If You Want a Log Home, Shouldn’t it be Built Out of Real Logs?

If you’ve been dreaming of a log home, you may have noticed many different options and wonder where to start.  Log home or log cabin kits can look cheap and easy but a custom handcrafted log home ensures you’re getting the quality you want and and the options you need. Here’s why:

Log Home at RiverTop Grade Logs:

The size and quality of the logs will be obvious from both inside and outside your home…it’s the logs that will make your home stand out and this is what your family will appreciate for generations. A handcrafted log home contains nearly double the wood volume of a “machined-log” building, giving you greater structural strength and insulation value.

Impressive Log Dimensions:

If you like log homes you’ll love the raw strength and beauty of natural hand-peeled large logs, rather than the narrower processed “logs” typical in log cabin kits.

Manufacturer Direct:

Enjoy friendly service, high quality craftsmanship and no distributor’s mark-up when you deal directly with your log provider. We cheerfully answer your questions every step of the way as we build you a home that exceeds your expectations!

True Craftsmanship:

Scribing the unique shape of one log to fit the next requires skill and experience, but the practiced hands of a master log builder work quickly and efficiently.Keeping this art alive, handcrafters combine traditional techniques with advances in modern tools, creating some of the most beautiful log homes in history at competitive prices.

Efficient use of a renewal resource:

Each harvested tree is used entirely after it is hand-peeled when you choose a handcrafted log home rather than a machined log home kit…without the energy required or the wood waste produced by over-processing the tree.

Design Options:

A custom log home allows you to choose the details that are important to you. Work with a designer to create the perfect log home plan or customize a basic plan to meet your needs!

Exercise your individuality:

A custom build offers the most flexibility in budget and style. Choose precisely what you want in whatever price range you’re comfortable with…don’t settle for a log home kit that’s “close enough” when the options today are endless!

You might have some special requests:

It may be hard to accomplish something truly unique with a log kit home, but a custom log cabin lets you express yourself. Many of our clients ask for something a little different—we’ve built log homes around giant boulders and full sized trees—go ahead and challenge us!