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North American Log Crafters – Designing and Building your Custom Log Home in Alberta

Is the unparalleled warmth and elegance of a beautifully crafted custom log home in your future? Or maybe seeking that home with a “natural log look”, or wanting a unique home that cannot be commonly found today’s market? Look no further for you have found your new log home!

With over 35 years of building dream log homes and with a wide choice of beautiful woods available on the Canadian market that no drywall can mimic North American Log Crafters is constantly inspired with an architectural creativity that is lacking in most modern log cabin designs today. Experts at creating a spacious living area filled with light & warmth, let North American Log Home Crafters help you build and design a custom log home you can show off to your neighbours and peers!

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Over 35 Years of Experience Designing and Building Log Homes for Edmonton and Surrounding Areas

North American Log Homes have utilized hundreds of years of experience to train the designers and builders in the most effective log home planning and construction methods for Edmonton and surrounding areas. This results in a log home designs that prove the ability to stand the test of time and Mother Nature.

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Your CONVENIENT, Sustainable, Modern and Natural Edmonton, Alberta Custom Log Homes and Cabins!

Are you contemplating a choice between a more modern custom built home, prefabricated or log home? When thinking “log Cabin” you may be picturing an old fashioned hunting cabin or home back in the early 1800’s. Think again; newly constructed log homes are Romantic, environmentally friendly and practical!

Historically, many Edmonton, Alberta homes were badly insulated, badly ventilated and inconvenient. Who wants to deal with THAT during a brutal Alberta winter? Not to mention the heating bills and work to sustain a wood fire hazard to heat the cabin. STOP RIGHT THERE!

While this may have been true of many homes built around Alberta hundreds of years ago, this is no longer true of today’s modern log homes.

The modern custom log home is designed environmental friendly, sustainable and built with your comfort in mind. With the techniques North American Log Crafters have perfected through the years and inspired by the great white north, we have built hundreds of log homes, compliant with strict building codes, safety standards and energy conservation in mind.

Your new custom log home offers every modern convenience available in any standard home built today. At North American Log Home Crafters we utilize sustainable, natural material reducing your environmental impact.

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North American Log Crafters, building log homes and cabins since 1972.