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Log Homes and Cabins: Modern Luxury With Rustic Style

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You’ll love a log home because you value fine craftsmanship and enduring traditions.

Handcrafted log construction creates impressive homes that are rich in character, warm and inviting. Each will last hundreds of years.  A log home is more than just a log house, it’s a reward for your hard work–a place where your family will gather for generations.

Each North American Log Crafters log package is handcrafted from 15” mid-span diameter hand peeled full length Douglas Fir or Western Red Cedar logs using the Scandinavian full scribe method to guarantee a long-lasting, tight fit. 

A log package refers to all the log components in a home, skillfully crafted to form the shell and structure of a log house. This is the product that we provide: the hand-crafted log portion of your new home.

What’s Included In a Log Package?

The traditional craft of log construction creates a home built like a fortress. The contour of each tremendous log is traced onto the log below and carved to fit exactly, giving you the superb connections that mark a premium, energy efficient log home.

Both Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar are popular choices for log homes today. Douglas Fir is prized for its durability and great strength under snow load, while Western Red Cedar is required in certain countries and preferred in some climates.

The heritage charm of Dovetail Corner Full-Scribe:  a timeless alternative to classic round-log construction.  The sides of the logs are milled on a band saw for flat interior and exterior surfaces while the top and bottom curve of the logs are hand-scribed to fit using the technique described above. The texture of an optional “hand-hewn” finish adds even more character.

Dovetail appeals to a wide range of tastes and offers a new version of one of the oldest log home styles. Reminiscent of pioneer homes, but updated with large logs tightly joined in the full-scribe method and insulated with expandable foam gasketing, the modern dovetail is better than ever.  Chinking helps keep the authentic appearance.

The Inner Beauty of a Log Home

A log cabin looks fantastic from inside and out, making it one of the most eye-catching home styles over the years.  But as much attention as it will get from the street, it’s what welcomes you as you walk in the door that will keep you falling in love with your log home as years go by!

You’ll appreciate the organic shape and texture of hand-peeled logs and admire the exposed craftsmanship. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, the thermal mass of log walls helps regulate temperatures to keep you and your family comfortable. Log walls mute noise so you won’t be disturbed by noise outside. Brawny as well as beautiful, the sheer weight and strength of a log home make it a safe haven in extreme weather.

Although it can be difficult to explain, you’ll love the indescribably homey feeling of a log cabin. Scientists know what we’re talking about: studies consistently show that natural elements visible in our work or living spaces help reduce stress and anxiety. It’s essentially about bringing the relaxing benefits of outdoor life inside. Many log home lovers have a close connection with outdoor activities and adventure. A log house suits their lifestyle and personality.

The craftsmanship of log construction appeals to people who respect traditions and history.  Your log home should last centuries–an unusual thing in our throw-away world–and you’ll take pride in the fact that generations of your family will be sheltered by this home. On top of all this, the incredible workmanship of log building pleases those who appreciate the luxury of hand made quality.

In addition to log walls, your log package might include hand crafted log trusses and roof support beams adding structural support and visual drama.  Optional custom log staircases and railings make the perfect finishing touches for your one-of-a-kind log home or cabin!

With our access to high quality timber and skilled log builders, we are the log experts, hand-crafting the log work that makes your stand out from the crowd. After the initial log construction is completed, it is shipped to you and professionally reassembled by our crew on your building site. From here we help advise your local general contractor  as he completes the project. A family business for over 40 years building custom handcrafted log homes across the globe,  North American Log Crafters can help you become the next happy owner of a custom log dream home!

Teamwork: The  Advantages of Our Log Package SystemWhat’s Included In a Log Package?

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