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Log Cottage at the Lake

A Lakeside Log Home Getaway

  • Log Cabin Lakeside
  • Log Cabin Living
  • Log Cabin Living Room View
  • Log Cabin Lakeview Living
  • Log Cabin Lakeview Terrace
  • Log Cabin Country Kitchen
  • Log Cabin Lake Cottage Kitchen
  • Log Cabin Lake Cottage Dining
  • Log Cabin Handcrafted Staircase
  • Log Cabin Custom Mantle
  • Log Cabin Bedroom
  • Log Cabin Loft Bedroom
  • Log Cabin Loft Sleeping Area
  • Log Cabin Bathroom
  • Log Cabin Exterior Entry
  • Log Cabin Garage

Modern Amenities and Traditional Decor in a Lakeside Log Home

Cool in the Summer and cozy all year long, this log home on the beach is the where everyone wants to spend the holidays!

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